Agriculture WG members | Arab Fertilizer Association


Agricultural Working Group focuses on increasing the awareness of the strategic role played by Arab fertilizer industry in achieving food security and combating hunger; ongoing pursuit to enhance the industry status and reflect its relationship to economic and agricultural development in international policies and strategic plans related to comprehensive agricultural development (to reach farmers and actual fertilizers’ consumers and contribute in developing agricultural extension and optimal usage of fertilizers). 


  • Establish a cooperative and participatory relationship between AFA and Arab countries agricultural sector (Ministries of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institutes, Faculties of Agriculture …);
  • Involve AFA with Arab and international organizations working in food security and agricultural development fields;
  • Develop cooperation programs with companies working in agricultural development and production fields including inter alia decision-takers, think tanks, agents from public and private agencies, retailers and people concerned with local and international fertilizer fields;
  • Contribute in developing agricultural extension and optimal usage of fertilizers in agricultural production;
  • Enhance agricultural research and fertilizers projects carried out by AFA and member companies;
  • Follow international policies that affect fertilizers present and future demand.

Mr. Abdelmonim EL KANIT


Company: OCP S.A.
Position: Senior Manager Agronomy
Country: Morocco

Mr. Qasim Al-Balushi

Vice Chairman

Position: CSR Manager
Country: Oman

Mr. Rashid Al Lubani


Position: VP Marketing & Sales
Country: Jordan

Mr Ahmed Al-Jowder


Position: Marketing Superintendent - Methanol Marketing Department
Country: Bahrain

Dr. Khalid Al-Rohily


Position: Staff Scientist, MDTS Agronomist MEA Market Development & Technical Support
Country: Saudi Arabia

Mr. Mohamed Said Zaki


Position: Marketing Studies General Manager
Country: Egypt

Dr. adel abdel Khalik


Position: Technical Consultant
Country: Egypt

Mrs. Sabrina Aramis


Position: Deputy director
Country: Algeria

Dr Munir Rusan


Position: Prof. Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Mr.Lhoussaine Moughli


Position: Professeur

Ms. Soha Al-Abedy


Position: Domestic sales manager
Country: Tunisia