Board of directors | Arab Fertilizer Association

HE Eng. Adil Kareem


Position: Deputy Minister
Country: Iraq

Dr. Abdulrahman JAWAHERY

Board Member

Position: President
Country: Bahrain

Mr. Jamal Eddine Bensari

Board Member

Company: OCP S.A.
Position: Senior vice president sales Americas.
Country: Morocco

Dr. Awad Al-Saber Al-Mabrouk

Board Member

Position: Executive Manger
Country: Libya

Mr. Ahmed Al Marhoubi

Board Member

Position: Director of Finance & Corporate Support
Country: Oman

Mr. Samir Al-Abdrabbuh

Board Member

Position: EVP- Agri-Nutrients SBU
Country: Saudi Arabia

Mr. Emad El-Deen M. Khalid

Board Member

Position: Chairman
Country: Egypt

Mr. Humoud Al-Mannai

Board Member

Position: Chief Technical Officer
Country: Qatar

Mr. Abderrazak OUANASSI

Board Member

Position: Director General
Country: Tunisia

Mr. M. T. Heouaine

Board Member

Company: Asmidal
Position: Chairman & CEO
Country: Algeria

Mrs. Muna Khalifa Almheiri

Board Member

Position: Acting Chief Executive Officer
Country: United Arab Emirates

Eng. Abdel Wahab ALROWWAD

Board Member

Position: CEO
Country: Jordan

Mr. Raed Soub

Secretary General

Position: Secretary General
Country: AFA