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Wuhuan Engineering Co.,Ltd .Egypt Branch

  • Membership category: Producers: Fertilizer and Raw Materials: Associate, Observer & Supporting Members
  • General manager: Mr.SU TENG
  • Website: www.cwcec.com/
  • Email: admin
  • Country: China

General Manager


Company details

Wuhuan Engineering company is the former fourth design institute of the ministry of chemical industry of People Republic of China standing over 300 EPC projects and more than 3000 engineering design projects with a well sounded track record all over the world.

Business Fields:

Nitrogenous Fertilizers "Ammonia, Urea, AN, UAN, CAN, Ammonium sulphate, Potassium Nitrate, NPK

Phosphorous Chemicals "SA, PA, PPA, MAP, DAP, MC/DP, SSP & TSP

Chemicals & Petrochemicals "POM, PP, Methanol, etc."

Cryogenic Tank Farms & Receiving Terminals

Business Models:

Engineering Consultation, Engineering Design,  Procurement & Supply Chain, Construction, Commissioning & Start up,  EPCC, PMC, Operation & Maintenance, Financing & Investment