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AFA awards program

Published on: Thursday 4 April, 2024

The Arab Fertilizer Association is delighted to launch the prestigious AFA awards program. Introducing the Sustainability Award for Companies and the Applied Research Award for Individuals and Teams.

AFA Sustainability Award will award companies that have shown exceptional commitment to sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility, seeking visionary organizations that minimize carbon footprint, conserve resources, and positively impact local communities.

The Applied Research Award recognizes outstanding contributions in agricultural research within the Arab region, for individuals and teams driving progress, pushing boundaries, and revolutionizing the industry with groundbreaking discoveries and innovative methodologies. Winners will be announced in October 2024, during our highly anticipated; 36th AFA Technical Conference. Don't miss this opportunity to gain recognition for your dedication to sustainability and research excellence among industry leaders and influencers.

Applications deadline: 30th June 2024.

For more details please contact us: [email protected]